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Piso Feliz @ Roda Golf


Benefits Of Booking Direct

Best price “GUARANTEED” if you #BookDirect, plus all these extras

Best Rates

Early Check-In

Late Check-Out

Free Wi-Fi

Free Welcome Pack

Free Meet & Greet

Why Should I #BookDirect?​

BD No Fees

Many Online Travel Agents (OTAs) like AirBnB, HomeAway, and TripAdvisor have booking fees when you reserve a holiday home online.
BIG booking booking fees. Because that’s how they make their profit!
These fees do NOT go to the owners but straight to the parent companies!
Some are not even revealed until after deposits have been made.
By booking direct, Piso Feliz has no hidden fees.
The price you are quoted is clearly explained and beats the OTAs.
And you can Save up to 20% on your next holiday
By booking direct with the owner you can avoid these large fees and use the cash you’ve just saved for activities or meals

BD Deal Direct

By renting Piso Feliz directly, guests receive better deals when compared to third party holiday booking websites. Establishing a relationship with the homeowners will eliminate the middle-man, resulting not only in repeat business discounts, but also faster responses, should any issue arise while on holiday.

You’ll get a free welcome pack, free wi-fi plus early check-in and late check-out (additional 2 hours).

Benefits Icons

Direct booking allows guests the opportunity to direct interact with the owners, thus gaining personal insight into the local area in a way a corporate booking agency cannot.
Since Piso Feliz is the owners second home, we strive to make your holiday the best and value customer feedback.

100% Secure

Guests have no worries when booking directly.
Piso Feliz is 100% secure with two payment choices available:
Bank Transfer in £ or € or Verified Paypal.

So how do you #BookDirect and save yourself some cash?

Find the property that you are interested in.
If you enquire via the OTAs, Owners cannot give you their information due to them being de-listed if they suggest an option outside of the OTAs website.

Look for clues to the name of their apartment or business . . .
for example “Piso Feliz @ Roda Golf” or “Piso Pomsol @ Roda Golf”.

Then use your good friend Google to look for it online.
This can lead you to their own website, their Google listing, or the property’s Facebook page.
Also, if you Google the owner’s name, their contact information is often readily available on the web.
Send the owner a message direct through email, telephone, FaceBook or visit their website.


How to rent safely

Check the owner’s online reviews.
For example – Piso Feliz has reviews on HomeAway and Tripadvisor – all are 4 or 5 star reviews.

Also, try to determine ownership if possible.
Google search the owner’s name, the property name, and any other information you may have gathered about the owner.
This will help you to rent safely.

Ask for a rental agreement and a detailed invoice – both with their names and address in.

Many owners will also allow you to pay by credit/debit card via PayPal.
Ask to do that if paying by cheque or bank transfer makes you uncomfortable.
Please bear in mind though that some owners have been scammed by unscrupulous guests and fraudulent chargebacks made on credit cards. So will no longer accept card payments.

Now you have the owners details, have a phone conversation with them.
It really helps you get a feel for what kind of person you are doing business with.
Most owners are happy to do that – especially since they can also get an understanding of what you want to get out of your holiday.

Why Book with us?

We have been in business since 2007 – My Facebook page was created in 2010 and I post fairly regularly.
My phone number is freely available online and I’m happy to chat about the apartment and the area.
Finally I am registered and have been inspected by the Spanish Authorities as a Holiday Property. Licence number VV-MU-1561.
You can find our property on the Official Murcia Tourist Board Website

Murci Tourist Board

Although our property is in Spain, we are members of PASC UK – The Professional Association of Self Caterers. We follow their guidelines for renting and cleaning practices.

All this info should add up to a comfortable direct booking.

The OTAs make a big deal about customer protection, but ultimately they often won’t be able to provide you with another property when its needed. So why take that risk? If you contact the owner direct, you can pay by secure routes, providing you with the same level of security on your booking, but you will have spoken to the owner and will not just be a number.


Check availability

We are only accepting last minute bookings at the moment.

You can email or call us to check for availability!

Last Updated on 17/02/2023 by Bev Pomfret